Carlos Caldeira and Cristina Caldeira

Carlos Caldeira’s brief CV

Since 1987 he has been working at the Polytechnic Institute of Guarda, where he performs, as a technician, functions in the Audiovisual Office of the Information and Communication Department (GIC).

He is responsible for projecting the institution's image abroad and the coverage of events carried out, using video and audio tools. He produces advertising clips to attract new students, publishes videos about important persons visits, covers and spreads reports on his institution's most relevant events, both in its internal channels and in social networks.

In addition, he supports students in performing curricular assignments, as well as helps professors in the design and production of video didactic material for their classes.

He also participates in a strong collaboration of the IPG with the external community and public institutions of Guarda’s region, with the provision of services in his area, which contributes to strengthen the IPG’s position as an active agent of social intervention.

He has published articles related to the audiovisual theme in regional and national magazines and newspapers. In the scope of his institutional functions, he has received some prizes and distinctions for video achievements, mainly on themes about history and ecology.

He is the editor of a weekly radio program - IPG FM - broadcast by a local radio station five years ago, which can be heard in podcast on IPG's website too.


Cristina Caldeira’ brief CV

She holds a graduation degree in Management and works as a senior technician in the Human Resources Department.

She started working at the IPG in 1987, having gone through several sectors: student secretariat, secretariat of management, accounting, correspondence register, and in the library staff.

She has always taken advantage of opportunities to diversify services and thus learn more throughout her career.

Since 2000, he has worked in the Human Resources Department, in the processing of salaries, allowances, expenses and holidays, health expenses, contracts and the delivery of discounts for professors and staff members to their respective institutions, issuing of declarations requested to this department, as well as performs several statistics throughout the year.