PUCES Educational, Research, Developmental and other Creative Activities

I. Main Targets and Tasks

The Private University College of Economic Studies aims at enhancing its educational and research competitiveness by building upon its good experience hitherto.

It requires

  • increasing the quality of study programmes and launching new ones in accordance with the demands of the education and labour market;
  • expanding the developmental and other inventive activities in cooperation with businesses and other organizations involved;
  • collaborating with local and foreign colleges and universities to develop research activities, study programmes and internship placement services;
  • facilitating students and academic staff mobility;
  • allocating financial resources cost-effectively.

II. Priorities

1) The quality of academic activities

PUCES focuses on the extension and improvement of its educational services. The accredited study programmes are regularly updated and enhanced in accordance with the needs of the job market.

PUCES Internal Grant Agency (IGA) allocates grants, supporting the introduction of new study programmes and involving students in creative projects launched by particular departments. The third age learning programmes are presented to the public within the lifelong learning scheme. PUCES offers short specialization courses in the areas of management and accounting. 

IGA grants are aimed at the college development, quality of education and undergraduates and academic staff's publications. PUCES also aspires to state and EU-funded grants. 


2) International activities

PUCES has been participating in the international LLP / Erasmus mobility programme. The Extended Erasmus University Charter enables PUCES to establish bilateral partnerships and arrange exchange visits to European HEIs as well as student internship placements in chosen firms abroad. PUCES undergraduates are sent to colleges in eight European countries. Apart from the Erasmus programme, PUCES exchanges conference participants and lecturers with selected colleges and universities abroad.

In spite of the fact that the language of instruction is in Czech, numerous foreign nationals have studied at PUCES. Two foreign languages are taught as compulsory core subjects; in addition to English, students can enrol for German, Spanish, Russian and foreigners also for Czech language courses.

ECTS comparable system has been applied, PUCES graduates receiving an English-Czech diploma supplement.

3) Academic life refinement


PUCES takes care of academic life culture, its public image and the quality of school environment, shaping its unique profile.

Partnership between students and academic staff is based upon fair relationships, immediate feedback and informal communication. Positive school climate enables to instantaneously react to individual students' stimuli and needs. Student opinion surveys and graduates' reunions help PUCES enhance its potential. The counselling centre, offering advice in academic, psychological and legal matters, is available.

PUCES resource centre library is continuously supplemented. An e-learning portal has been developed, offering online learning aids to increase students' comfort. The internal information infrastructure as well as the PUCES web-presentation are being improved.